James Elden's Playwright's Spotlight

Playwright's Spotlight with Brian Gene White

July 26, 2022 Brian Gene White Season 1 Episode 20
James Elden's Playwright's Spotlight
Playwright's Spotlight with Brian Gene White
Show Notes

In this episode, I chat with playwright Brian Gene White about about the process of developing a play from start to world premiere using his recent piece Future Tripping as an example. We also discuss the accessibility of producing,  the benefits of a technical director, gathering a "crew" and surrounding yourself with good people. Brian also informs me of the newest (or at least for me) crowdfunding platform for the arts - Fractured Atlas. As with all my episodes, I walk away with new information and insight. I hope you learn a thing or two as well.

Brian Gene White is a playwright, director, and actor based out of Los Angeles. He received his BFA at the conservatory at Webster University and is a company member at both the Great River Shakespeare Festival in Minnesota and the Ensemble Shakespeare Theatre in Pasadena, California. His play Future Tripping received its world premiere this year at the LOFT Ensemble in Los Angeles. His play Is Not That Strange? was a finalist in Screen Craft's 2020 stage play competition. Other plays included One Way Trip and Pilgrim.

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